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Recommended Service Intervals at Capital Cadillac

We’ve recently simplified our Recommended Maintenance Schedule. With newer technology in most vehicles, this schedule will help you maintain your vehicle to prevent major (and expensive) repairs that your vehicle may not remind you about in its system.

If you live in Regina or in the area, maintaining your vehicle is key. Saskatchewan is rural, and rural means driving. Even our large centers aren’t quite large enough for things like subway systems or city trains. That means everyone drives! The more you drive, the more attention your vehicle needs. At Capital Cadillac service our trained technicians know vehicle maintenance like you know every last word to the freshest Drake track or a classic Queen record. With 52 stalls and the latest in mechanical equipment, the Service Department at Capital Cadillac makes maintaining your vehicle easy as pie!

Check your oil, top up your fluids, check your brake pads, headlights, windshield wipers, and more and get back on the road in no time when maintaining your vehicle in Regina at Capital Cadillac Service.

Welcome Package

Free Service
Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection at 10,000 km.

Package A

20,000KM / 60,000KM / 140,000KM

  • Multi-Point Inspection
  • 4-Wheel Alignment Inspection

Package B

30,000KM / 70,000KM / 110,000KM

  • Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection
  • Differential Service (RWD/4WD)
  • Transfer Case Service (4WD)

Package C

40,000KM / 80,000KM / 120,000KM / 160,000KM
($494.95 DIESEL)

  • Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection
  • 4-Wheel Alignment Inspection
  • Brake Flush Service
  • Transmission Service (every 80,000km)

Package D

50,000KM / 100,000KM / 150,000KM

  • Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection
  • Fuel System Service
  • Additions (Specific to make/model. Quote will be provided prior to service)
  • Power Steering System Service (50,000km)
  • Fuel Filter (50,000km)
  • Cooling System Service (100,000km)
  • Replace Spark Plugs and PVC Valve (100,00km)
  • Differential Service (RWD/4WD) (150,000km)
  • Transfer Case Service (4WD) (150,000km)

Package E

90,000KM / 130,000KM

  • Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection
  • Power Steering System Service (if required)

Regular maintenance is critically important to your vehicle holding its value and providing safe, reliable transportation. A regular maintenance schedule will ensure the safety, comfort, and longevity of your car. An oil change at the correct mileage is a good example of smart regular maintenance.

Preventative maintenance (fixing or changing out parts and additives at recommended intervals) helps you avoid major damage. For example, replacing your brake pads or the timing belt on your car or truck when they are worn prevents more expenses later, by not allowing catastrophic part failures to occur while driving.

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